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psguard® Polyethersulfone membrane
A high-performance Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filter provides the maximum guarantee of exceptional flow rate, superior clean-up and removal of particles and microorganisms in critical processes.

The  PSguard® filter cartridge is an absolute rated, pleated polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filter designed to provide greater bacteria and removes particles at high flow rates and extremely low pressure drops. It offers the greatest assurance of filtration performance stability and service life for controlling contaminants in demanding environments.


- Serum and blood-based products

- Tissue culture media

- Microbiological growth media

- Ophthalmics

- Oral or topical medication

- Diagnostics

- Protein solution

- Antibiotics

- Vaccine preparation


- High quality asymmetric PES membrane and PP components

- Absolute ratings of 0.2 µm and 0.45 µm

- Contains no binders or adhesives materials

- Biologically inert and non-toxic
- Extremely high flow rates at low pressure drops
- Hydrophilic membrane
- Integrity testable in water

- High thermal and hydrolytic stability

- Resistant to oxidizing agents

- High protein transmission
- During manufacture 100% integrity tested


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Materials of construction

Filter Media:                 Polyethersulfone (PES)

Upstream Support:       Polypropylene

Downstream Support:   Polypropylene

Core/Outer Guard:        Polypropylene

End Caps:                    Polypropylene

Sealing Method:           Thermal Bonding

O-ring/Gasket Seal:      Silicone


Δp 80 psi @ 32 °F to 100 °F (Δp 5,5 bar @ 0 °C to 38 °C)

Δp 60 psi @ 150 °F (Δp 4,1 bar @ 66 °C)

Δp 30 psi @ 180 °F (Δp 2,1 bar @ 82 °C)


Steam-in-place (SIP): Saturated steam @ 121-135 °C, 30-60 minutes [15 psi (1 bar) to 30 psi (2 bar), 30 to 60 minutes]

Autoclave: 121-125 °C, 30-60 minutes

PSguard® cartridges are capable of repeated sterilization cycles. For applications requiring autoclave/SIP, a stainless steel reinforcement ring must be ordered. See “Reinforcement Ring Option” within “Ordering Information.”

Typical water flow rate per 10" cartridge