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A high efficiency, long service life filter constructed of polytetrafluoroethylene membrane.

TEFguard® filters are high efficiency membrane type filters constructed entirely of chemically resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). They are economical, premium quality products that deliver consistently high filtration efficiency, superior flow rates, substantial dirt holding capacity, and exceptionally long service life. All-poly construction makes TEFguard® filters a cost-effective choice for clarification and prefiltration applications.


- Biological products

- Biopharmaceuticals

- Vaccines

- Serum, plasma fractions and other blood products

- Tissue and cell culture media

- Protein solutions

- Fermentation media and feeds

- Cell removal from fermentation broth

- Pre-column chromatography

For aqueous solutions, the TEFguard® filter must be pre-wet by immersion in a suitable low surface tension fluid. The inherently hydrophobic TEFguard® filter is ideal for gas filtration applications that include:

- Compressed gases or air

- Fermentation air

- Venting


- Absolute ratings of 0.2 µm to 0.45 µm

- 100% integrity tested

- Meets ASTM bacterial validation standards

- Self-bonded, non fiber-releasing filter media

- Superior flow rates at low pressure drops

- Ultraclean – no binders, adhesives or surfactants

- Extended service life in sterilizing hot compressed air

- Minimal extractables levels

- High dirt holding capacity

- Wide chemical compatibility

- Cleanroom manufactured


100% Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) construction SEM photo

Typical air flow rates per 10" cartridge
Materials of Construction

Filter Media:                  Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Upstream Support:        Polypropylene

Downstream Support:    Polypropylene

Core/Outer Guard:         Polypropylene

End Caps:                     Polypropylene

Sealing Method:            Thermal Bonding

O-ring/Gasket Seal:       EPR, polyethylene, silicone

Maximum Operating Temperatures and Pressures

Δp 80 psi @ 32 °F to 100 °F (Δp 5.5 bar @ 0 °C to 38 °C)

Δp 60 psi @ 150 °F (Δp 4.1 bar @ 66 °C)

Δp 30 psi @ 180 °F (Δp 2.1 bar @ 82 °C)


Steam-in-place (SIP): Saturated steam @ 121-135 °C, 30-60 minutes 

[15 psi (1 bar) to 30 psi (2 bar), 30-60 minutes]

Autoclave: 121-135 °C, 30-60 minutes 

TEFguard® cartridges are capable of repeated sterilization cycles. For applications requiring autoclave/SIP, a stainless steel reinforcement ring must be ordered. See “Reinforcement Ring Option” within “Ordering Information.”


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