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GFguard® Glass Microfiber

An advanced borosilicate glass fiber pre-filter removes particulates and reduces bioburden in biological liquids

Glass fiber depth filters are designed for removal of contaminants like colloids, lipids, protein aggregates and particles from biopharmaceutical fluids. They are used for protection of membrane filters, chromatography columns and ultrafiltration systems in pharmaceutical and biotechnological production processes.


- Cell Culture fluids after cell harvest

- Fermentation broths 

- Serum free or serum containing cell culture media 

- Highly viscous ophthalmic and LVP solutions 

- All media containing lipids and colloids as contaminants

GFguard® cartridges meet, or exceed the requirements for WFI quality standards set by the current USP. 

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Materials of construction

Filter Media:                 Glass Microfiber

Upstream Support:       Polypropylene

Downstream Support:   Polypropylene

Core/Outer Guard:        Polypropylene

End Caps:                    Polypropylene

Sealing Method:           Thermal Bonding

O-ring/Gasket Seal:      EPR, polyethylene, silicone


Δp 80 psi @ 32 °F to 100 °F (Δp 5,5 bar @ 0 °C to 38 °C)

Δp 60 psi @ 150 °F (Δp 4,1 bar @ 66 °C)

Δp 30 psi @ 180 °F (Δp 2,1 bar @ 82 °C)


Steam-in-place (SIP): Saturated steam @ 121-135 °C, 30-60 minutes [15 psi (1 bar) to 30 psi (2 bar), 30-60 minutes]

Autoclave: 121-135 °C, 30-60 minutes 

GFguard® cartridges are capable of repeated sterilization cycles. For applications requiring autoclave/SIP, a stainless steel reinforcement ring must be ordered. See “Reinforcement Ring Option” within “Ordering Information.”

Typical water flow rate per 10" cartridge